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Wang Dong stepped forward and handed over his star card. About seven or eight minutes, the waiter brought tea. After reciting several times, Jiangshan quickly opened his eyes and put this brocade bag into his po So adventurers are alert all day long. They sleep with their swords in their hands. Even large weapo At that time, he was seriously wounded in the battle, and now he had to fight with Chen Haoran! I didn't expect that the speed of the whole cultivation reached the extreme level in the middle Step on the abyss, step on the abyss, step down, step on the power. Morning smallpox is just an ordinary God grass. Chen Jiu has nothing to do with it. He goes directly Elder Bai is a man of great skill. He is bold and fearless. "What else can they do? It's impossible for them to rush in." With a slight pick on the corner of her mouth, Zhen Mi shows a smile that is enough to upset all liv Now that the words have been spoken, Du Shiyi shrugged slightly, It's hard to find a chance to start with, but his nephew has exposed a number of weaknesses, suc However, Qilian Mountain is here, Wu Mengting was embarrassed to call and said, so she edited a shor "Your Excellency, your country suddenly launched an attack on Macao and wantonly attacked our army. But after hearing the news, those Wang family members did not show their due alarm and didn't ca The dumb uncle was stunned slightly, and then he understood the meaning of Yue Zhong. Zhao Nan sneered: "anyway, if you like to be forced, isn't it better if you don't like it?"

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