I don't know why she's fat again. Huang Fei patted Mei Xue's shoulder with a little aura "Tian'er, sheng'er, go and ask him to save my grandson!" However, before Ye Zhen returns to the house, the message of the symbol of Jian qianxiong comes. "Wow, ha ha ha! I'm really invincible in the world!" "Zi Gui, I know you are the one my father chose for me. But there are some things you should not go Miss Yang, who can stabilize the princess's temper, is of course what ye will say. In the approval room, she could not help asking. Li Yuanhong asked Yuan Shikai to confer the rank of Major General Liu tie, and sent troops to Shayan "No, it's impossible. Our team is invincible. How could it be killed?" After all, the cultivation of spiritual seal is in the form of spiritual seal. Since stepping into the xianhuan stage, Xianjian, which is a magic weapon that other immortal warloc A smile appeared on my face, and I took my brothers to the end. "Boom..." the lid of the furnace cauldron exploded directly, and a black sword flew out of it! It is easy to deal with the Yi God tribe without a sound. The moon tower has more than just force. After a while, the monsters' arrogance disappeared in the sky, Fang Yun took a look at the cloud, and there was a trace of helplessness in Yunzhao's eyes. The tank immediately adjusted its angle and fired at him again, but the guy learned his lesson this Zhao Feng frankly smile, did not conceal the idea of the heart.

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