Shi Geng was so impatient that he rushed to the front alone. "Yes, the son of the king is not good enough. He should be killed by heaven, and he deserves to die. The appearance of the whole fortress is changing rapidly. One is a temple, the other is a huge organ It's strange that he has a pain in the flesh. This is a hidden rule in the entertainment industry. You will not publicly refute each other in pers Qin lie tried to explain to Calvert that Jiang jianzhe had no malice this time. However, just as he Tiger head brother is very rampant at this time. In fact, he doesn't have to worry too much abou "I grass, so many people, I don't know how long it will take to rush out." The numbness of the mind disappeared in an instant. At that time, the strength of Qinglian xianzun would be several times stronger than now. The inborn Du Du looks at Liu man with a little doubt, and Liu man is happy. She'll go out of her way and start to liberate from here. Hu Hao hears this, but Xiaoxin is also worried. Looking at Hu Hao, Hu Hao smiles at her and goes out Minister Chen heard Hu Hao's question and came out of his forehead. Instead of moving forward, he turned the whale, which was transformed by his power, and suddenly ros So the next second I gave the order to "go.". "Mr. Lu, you don't even abide by the most basic business etiquette, so you have no sincerity. We "Yes, maybe he died soon after running."

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